Oleo Elvira: About us


“The Olive Trees from Granada, set between the Mediterranean Sea, fed by the clean air of

Sierra Nevada and the tropical zone, enjoy a unique ecosystem in the world."


"Millenarian Olive Trees, which for centuries have been passed from generation to generation, whose

production has been improving and technifing with over time and are part of our people´s culture“.

Our target:

To showcase the autochthonous EVOO of Granada.

Our values:

Quality, Flexibility and Commitment.

To create expectations that we can fully meet.


“Elvira” is the most representative foundation of our province of Granada. It goes back to the time of the Turduli, one of the most civilized and advanced tribes of the first settlers on the Iberian Peninsula.

This tribe founded the city of Ihverir, which the Romans later called Iliberis. In 745 it was renamed Elvira by the Muslims. At that time the city was located in the area of the Sierra Elvira. In the 11th century it was moved to its actual location, and came to be known as Granada.