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Extra Virgin Olive Oil and cancer

The effect of polyphenols has been proven. Polyphenols are powerful antioxidants that block the action of the free radicals involved in the deterioration of cellular structures leading to aging, certain cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Physicians recommend the consumption of EVOO, along with vegetables and fruit, to help avoid the appearance of these illnesses.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in old age

In addition to preventing the development of carcinogenic cells, EVOO can help to ward off premature aging, given that it supports the absorption of calcium, thus slowing down the tendency of the bones to demineralize in old age.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Diabetes

EVOO can be of great help in controlling an illness like diabetes. When a glucose imbalance occurs in the body leading to disarray among fats and proteins in the metabolism, EVOO can be quite beneficial. Sufferers of diabetes mellitus can attain greater glucose control through the consumption of the oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Hypertension

Many studies have affirmed that hypertension - a very common disease - can be reduced through the consumption of monounsaturated fatty acids such as those found in EVOO. Olive oil can lower the blood pressure, thanks to the presence of these unsaturated fatty acids.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Obesity

Obesity is a growing illness in today's society, especially in those countries that include high quantities of animal and saturated fats in the diet. EVOO is a very appropriate product for the prevention of this problem. It is, in fact, used in many slimming diets.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Digestive System

A wide variety of experts assure us that the habitual consumption of EVOO is also recommendable for such ailments as esophagitis. With infants, it has been proven that the absorption level of EVOO is higher than that of animal fats. Olive oil also has the ability to alleviate ulcers.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Circulatory System

EVOO, a fountain of health, also prevents the appearance of arteriosclerosis. It can also act as an emollient and laxative, stimulate the production of urine and promote the elimination of intestinal worms.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Inflammatory Diseases

A study carried out by the University of Athens has conclusively shown that the consumption of EVOO, together with cooked vegetables, can have quite beneficial effects against rheumatoid arthritis. Proper nutrition can work positively to limit the development of this inflammatory joint disease.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the Skin

EVOO has a protective and regenerating effect on the skin, toning and renovating it while providing nutrients. It impedes the deterioration of the epidermis tissue.

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Cosmetics are employed to beautify and take care of the body. Olive oil plays an important role in today's cosmetics industry, being used in the preparation of such products as:

• Exfoliating creams

• Soaps

  1. Shampoos

  2. Etc...

Olive oil is a basic ingredient in cosmetics, thanks to its excellent antioxidant properties, in addition to the hydration offered by its high fatty acid content.

The inclusion of olive oil in the field of beauty enhancement is not a recent development. Its use goes back to at least the 2nd century AD, when the physician Claudio Galeano discovered the way to mix olive oil with vegetable wax and water, obtaining a cream with moisturizing properties that improved skin elasticity.

Although it was Galeano who undertook the first application of moisturizing cream, we can find the use of olive oil for skin and hair care in ancient Egyptian civilization: in baths and perfumes to augment hair shine, and in unguents for skin treatment.

Similarly, olive oil was used in classical Greece and Rome for massaging athletes before competing and to relax the muscles.

Virgin olive oil is the only vegetable oil that can be consumed in its raw state. It provides 9 kilocalories per gram and is rich in vitamins.

Contrary to what many people believe, lipids (or fats) are essential for proper bodily functioning. They provide energy and stimulate the healthy functioning of tissues and cells.


Olive oil - especially extra virgin olive oil - has properties that are very healthy for our body. The consumption of olive oil provides:

• Vitamins A, D, E and K

• Fatty acids that are necessary for attaining a complete and balanced diet.