Oleo Elvira: Market.


Spanish oil is exported to over 100 countries on 5 continents.

Even other olive oil producing countries such as Italy, Portugal, the United States and Australia import Spanish olive oil, thanks to its excellent quality and to the recent increase in olive oil consumption in those countries - which has caused local production to be insufficient.

Other European countries producing olive oil are Italy, Greece and Portugal, although none of them come close to the Spanish production figure.

Olives are also widely cultivated in North Africa, in countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Egypt and Libya, which all boast substantial annual production.

Turkey and Syria are the most active olive cultivators on the Asian continent.

Olive cultivation is also done in the Americas, with substantial amounts produced in Argentina, Mexico, Peru, Chile and the United States, where the sector has grown in California.

As for olive oil consumption, recent decades have seen a notable increase, even extending into countries where the product was previously unknown.

Current consumption in EU countries is considerable, and particularly high in those nations that are also producers, such as Spain, Italy, Portugal and Greece.

Over recent years the United States has become an important consumer, and is the primary destination for Spanish olive oil exports.

WORLDWIDE Distribution:

Olive trees are currently cultivated on 5 continents, although it is extraordinarily prevalent along the Mediterranean basin, where the best area for olive oil production is located.

It is quite noteworthy that 98.7% of worldwide olive oil production is concentrated in those countries.

• Spain is the leader in the sector, with annual production of olives in good seasons reaching 8 million tons.

• Spain also leads the international list of olive oil producers. Each year a million tons of that product are produced in Spain - a number which even reached 1,800,000 tons in the 2013/2014 season.

• Production from the latest season, 2015/2016, amounted to 1,400,000 tons.

  1. Distribution in Spain:

Spain is the world's top producer and exporter of olive oil. At the same time, it is the country with the greatest amount of land devoted to olive cultivation, with two and a half million cultivated hectares and approximately 300 million olive trees.

The area of cultivation in Spain represents 25% of the total land devoted to this purpose in the world.

• There is a wide range of Spanish denominations of origin, almost all of which are in Andalusia - the autonomous region with the greatest amount of olive cultivation. Accordingly, Andalusia is the leader in olive oil production. It is estimated that 80% of Spanish production comes from the different Andalusian provinces.

• Within this region, the distribution of olive oil production is quite unequal.

  1. Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria are the only regions of Spain that do not produce olive oil.

With the exception of the north, the Iberian Peninsula - and especially Spain - has olive

production throughout the territory, making the cultivation and production of olive oil one of

the country's main IDENTIFYING TRAITS.