EVOO Qualities of olive oil

It helps regulate intestinal transit; it decreases heartburn and prevents stomach ulcers.

It stimulates bone growth, as it helps mineral and calcium absorption.

It helps the endocrinal system, improving metabolic functions.

It is highly recommended as a skin therapy, as it restores skin humidity.

Olive oil has been appreciated for its natural qualities since ancient times. Nowadays it still is the foundation of the diet of lots of people, as it has been proven as a healthy product.

It is a completely natural food, containing no additives or preservatives, real natural olive juice.

It only contains 9 calories per gram, having an important energetic value and function.

It reduces the risk of having heart-related diseases, especially strokes. It improves the fat profile, blood pressure level and the glucose metabolism.
Due to the fact that it is a product of vegetable origin, it reduces the ‘bad’ cholesterol levels (low density lipoprotein); the amount of oleic acid that it contains turns it into a good type of fat, thus increasing ‘good’ cholesterol levels (high density lipoprotein).

It improves vitamin A, D, E and K absorption, improving defenses, having an anti-rackety effect and helping fight hemorrhages.

It prevents organ and tissue deterioration and it helps delay aging. Its fat acids and vitamin E and anti-corrosive effects on cell tissue.

The usual use of olive oil empowers childhood growth and also prolongs life expectancy.

It really goes a long way and its efficiency is better than the one in other types of vegetable fat, used cold or warm.

When raw, it stimulates brain and nervous system growth and development.